Part 3 sweet loot

so I entered a raffle for a bjd and I won! i love my precious baby~ HE can with the name raziel so i’ll try to keep it! He also came with the spirit case for bjds and two little companions! As I was told the deer is named bambi and the turtle is names squirt! I can’t wait to make so may thing for him!

I also got a few things for free~ My neighbor selling cute things next to me (the person that got puppycat) gave me and my table mate the donut ring and the fawn ring!I also bought the kohai necklace from the same person! I don’t have her card but she’ll be at metro con and florida supercon so if you like super adorable stuff go check her out!

my neighbor across from me give the rainbow dash phone charm to someone who gave it to me! The sold really cool stuff like pillows, vial necklaces, eevelution bracelets, charms, and really cute necklaces!

lastly my table mate did a trade with me~ they trade me a cute flower ring for a fandom magnet! I use it as a cute flower crown for bambi~

I forgot these cuties in my photos of ppl! they were so cute <3

Me at my table! I did everything at this table except the flower crowns and commissions! those were done by this cutie

I also took so many pics of the puppycat I sold to my table neighbor! they were so nice~ enjoy your new home puppycat!

Khaotic kon part 1!

part one is full of cute ppl I took pictures of this weekend! I was the madoka next to the cute tokyo mew mew girl

There were so many nice people it made me so happy! *´▽`*

i wish i took more pictures but I was too shy to ask a lot of ppl…


I like making uniforms, and I like giving people stuff, this is just the logical progression. Also I hit 200 followers! Which is super low but shut up.

It’s simple! Just click here to enter!

The giveaway ends May 30th.

I will message the winner within two days after the…

i just got back from khaotic and i’m exhausted so i’ll post the pics and info on how the weekend went tomorrow!

happy 4/13 and have a good night sweet peas~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here’s a list of the stuff i’m selling at khaotic! i’ll be there around 5 today so come say hi!

look for the madoka cosplayed to find my table!

so much for finishing my madoka costume before khaotic….

my stupid stitch remover broke 


Goat simulator giveaway!! : D

I’m generous and this is actually a funny game, so if you’re interested please read belooow.

  • Giveaway ends in one week ! April 12th
  • Following me is cool, but you aren’t required to. My blog is mainly japanese language learning / gaming / art
  • Only reblogs count.
  • must have a steam account! if you don’t, i can’t give it to you.

Good luck and have fun! This game has a lot of perks. (๑′ᴗ’๑)エヘヘღ

more update pics!

i made the top of both sleeves and pinned them to the pink straps today. I also pinned both skirt parts to the torso

i’m hoping to sew the skirts onto the torso, sew in & cover the last button, paint the buttons and finish both sleeves tonight if possible

i got so much to do still but at least i’m making some major progress

(i still need to do calc hw and study for my calc test too….)

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